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At the STEAM Academy, we believe in building a culture of effort.

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Welcome to CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

You are welcome to the City of Saints & Scholars.

The CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School, the STEAM Academy, popularly known as CUIB S & A, is an accredited Catholic Secondary and High School in Buea, the South West Region of Cameroon following Order No. 140/18/MINSEC/SG/DESTP/SDSPETP/SSEPTP of June 27, 2018 to create and Order No. 1139 of 24/10/2018 to start of the Ministry of Secondary Education.  Founded as an outreach school of the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), by its President and Pro Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Dr. George Nkeze Jingwa, after obtaining approval from the University’s Board of Trustees, the institution aims at forming a new generation of growth Mindset young student entrepreneurs, Saints and Scholars who will become their best personal potentials informed by Catholic values in a constantly changing world. Its unique focus is on STEAM related fields namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, skills that are so lacking in the African Continent…   Read More


“Saints & Scholars”


“Saints & Scholars, Building a Culture of Effort”


“Building a Culture of Effort”


Our Goals

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We are currently accepting applications for admissions into Form 1 for
the 2019-2020 academic year.

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