About our School

Principal’s Message

Welcome to CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

You are welcome to the City of Saints & Scholars.

The CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School, the STEAM Academy, popularly known as CUIB S & A, is an accredited Catholic Secondary and High School in Buea, the South West Region of Cameroon following Order No. 140/18/MINSEC/SG/DESTP/SDSPETP/SSEPTP of June 27, 2018 to create and Order No. 1139 of 24/10/2018 to start of the Ministry of Secondary Education.  Founded as an outreach school of the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), by its President and Pro Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Dr. George Nkeze Jingwa, after obtaining approval from the University’s Board of Trustees, the institution aims at forming a new generation of growth Mindset young student entrepreneurs, Saints and Scholars who will become their best personal potentials informed by Catholic values in a constantly changing world. Its unique focus is on STEAM related fields namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, skills that are so lacking in the African Continent. CUIB STEAM Academy believes that all students who are admitted in their school have the potential to develop, grow, and achieve in any given area of life. This is why the academy’s brand is the Growth Mindset. The CUIB STEAM Academy operates under the assumption that students’ abilities are not inherent or natural but that their willingness to learn, their effort, and their persistence dictate how adept they become at any given pursuit. Once a student learns to develop the growth mindset, the powerful forces of growth take over. No longer are failures viewed through a lens of disappointment and shame, but through one of opportunities for improvement.

CUIB S&A was founded not only in an era of continuous rise in unemployment and underemployment in Cameroon, but also a time in the history of our country when students were deprived of learning by the ongoing socio-political crisis affecting schools in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon. It was high time to establish an educational system at the secondary level that addresses this huge gap created by the traditional model of education towards forming a new generation of young students with the ability to create wealth.

The CUIB S&A is non-discriminatory and is run by a Principal with the help of a Management Team. The Principal reports to the University Central Administration on all issues regarding the institution. There is an Advisory body called the Board of Advisors which works with the Management Team to advise the Principal and his Management Team on Academic and other matters concerning the school.

CUIB STEAM Academy is unique as a result of its emphasis on Project-Problem Based Learning (PPBL) as the framework through which it passes its Content to make it more palatable and present it in a more attractive manner with the use of Technology. We are bent on ensuring that our students do not only define concepts they have memorized but should be capable of identifying problems in the society and providing solutions. This system of learning and teaching compels every student to have a Personal Project by the time they write any public exam and will consequently not have only the certificate from the exam but equally have a Personal Project to give what we refer to in CUIB STEAM Academy as the Dual Recompense.

We pray that all prospective parents will join us to help these students become their Best Personal Potential informed by Catholic Values.

Rev. Fr. Pascal Wiysenyuy SIBEN

Principal, S&A


Founding Principles/Belief

  • We believe that all students have all the potential they need to live up to their dreams.
  • We believe that marks/tests/exams cannot and should not define a student.
  • We beleive that having a Growth Mindset is a virtue of all great leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • We believe Potential and/or Success are limitless.
  • We believe that deliberate effort makes the difference.