CUIB S&A was given the authorization to be created by the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINSEC) in Yaounde, Cameroon by under the patronage of Her Excellency Professor Nalova Lyonga by Order No. 140/18/MINSEC/SG/DESTP/SDSPETP/SSEPTP of June 27, 2018 and that to start by Order No. 1139 of 24/10/2018.

MINSEC is the regulatory body which governs the running of all Secondary and High Schools in Cameroon. It is ensures the proper delivery of the syllabuses and appropriate coverage of the workload provided for different student levels. It has other arms like the Divisional Delegation in Limbe, South West Region, Cameroon as well as the Regional Delegation, in the same region.

The other organs of MINSEC work directly with the heads of the institutions to ensure that the standards are maintained while given room for innovation within the bounds of educational sanity. CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School works scrupulously with all these organs to ensure that standards are met and that the laws and policies governing secondary education in Cameroon and strictly followed.