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We are currently accepting applications for Admissions into Form One for
the 2019-2020 academic year.
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Clients who wish to APPLY on their own (OFF CAMPUS) and clients who wish to APPLY ON CAMPUS, you will find the instructions here.
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After August 6th, you may sign up/log in on our online application portal and begin/continue your online application. Simply click on the button below to do so.
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CUIB S&A 2019 Admission Enrolment & Processes & Procedures

1. All applications will be submitted ONLINE through CUIB Online Application Portal either on campus by filling and submitting a Registration Form, or off campus by filling an electronic form.
2. The parents/guardians of the prospective student will have to sign a Parental Engagement Form (obligatory) binding them and their kids to all the Policies and Procedures of CUIB S&A.
3. All the P&Ps of CUIB S&A will be made available on the website or by email while the summary of the major elements will be provided on the spot in the Pre-Admission package.
4. The provision of an Admission number confirms that the student has been admitted into the institution.
5. Each student who successfully applies will have to pay at least 75% of the tuition fees to be enrolled.
6. All necessary documents will be submitted onsite in a file with the name of the student boldly written on the front cover in all cases of admission whether on campus or off campus.
7. A program will be run on the Growth Mindset to help the students understand the culture of CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School.
8. New students are expected to register between August 06, 2019 and August 23, 2019.
9. Former students are expected to register between August 06, 2019 and August 17, 2019.
10. A Growth Mindset Assessment will be written after admission to give the Faculty and Administration an idea of where the student is at entry into CUIB S&A.

Admission Criteria

Based on the Growth Mindset philosophy of CUIB S&A, the following criteria govern the Admission of students into the institution:

1. There will be Growth Mindset Open Days for interested candidates.
2. The First come – First served policy applies in the admission process.
3. The only requirement is a desire/passion of the student to get to his/her “Best Personal Potential” and the assurance that the Parents/Guardians will assist in the process.
4. The prospective student is required to have validated all requirements of primary education from an accredited institution.
5. Authentic documents required (a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate, two passport size photographs and photocopies of the 2 last result slips should be provided.)
In case of the unavailability of any these documents, a formal explanation shall be written stating why the document is unavailable and when it will be provided.
6. The student is obliged to possess the tools necessary to study off campus such as an android phone, laptop, iPad or any other similar gadget since Mobile & Ubiquitous Learning & Teaching forms a major part of our identity as an institution.

Admission Office

Admission Office Days and Hours

DAYS   Mondays – Saturdays
EoC HOUR 11:45 PM – 12:20 PM

Admission Period

START DATE Monday August 05th, 2019
END DATE Friday August 23rd, 2019

Contact our Admission Team For More Information.

Admission Inquiry Officer
Mr. Ayah W. Abine, Principal
Admission Inquiry Officer
Miss Tuku E. Felicitas, Deputy Principal
Admission Inquiry Officer
Mr. Ombele Marlon A.
Admission Finance Officer
Mr. Njanko Thadeus
Admission Online Registration Officer
Miss Sevidzem Belita S.
Admission Online Registration Officer
Miss Mary L. Aminde