Educational Philosophy

CUIB GM S&A follows the Growth Mind-set educational model which stipulates that kids can be anything they wish to become provided they are ready to use all the potential they possess to make their dreams possible. The CUIB GM S&A educational philosophy argues that intelligence is not fixed and can be built through constant practice.

We believe that making the students the centre of their learning is very significant to their development and this compels them to challenge their brain and once they begin to challenge their brain, they improve because the brain is like a muscle and it expands when it is stretched. Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University has proven in her research that the brain gets better when it is stretched to do things which are out of its comfort zone.

The institution runs pre-school programs to help prospective kids or newly admitted students understand the Growth Mind-set culture of the institution especially for those who missed the Growth Mind-set Open days. 

These sessions are meant to assist the kids recognize and acknowledge their potentials and make up their minds to maximize them. These training sessions will equally tell the students about the catholic identity of the institution and equally help them to establish their life plans.


Why choose CUIB S&A?

CUIB S&A offers the dual recompense which compels every student not just to make it in public exams with flying colors but also obliges each student to own, present and defend a Personal Project by the time they are preparing for any public exam.

The students are the center of learning in CUIB S&A which compels them not to grasp content but to build Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that will enable them standout in any area where they find themselves.

CUIB S&A is a STEAM Academy which implies that it focuses on Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Arts (A) and Mathematics (M) which forms the backbone of the development of any and every nation. Cameroon is one of those developing countries which needs experts in these areas of STEAM which implies that studying in CUIB S&A makes the student relevant to Cameroon’s economy and any other forward looking nation.

CUIB S&A is a Growth Mindset school which argues that students have all the potential they need in order to succeed. CUIB S&A gives every student the opportunity to live their dreams by making them the center of learning and providing the coaching/mentorship necessary to make this possible.

The grading system of CUIB S&A is not based on scores only, rather, it considers both the studnet’s ability to execute tasks as well as his/her attitude which according to research forms 60% of the chances for career success.The class sizes of a maximum of 50 per class permits the Faculty/Teachers to have a personal relationship with all the students thereby maximizing productivity since all the students will receive precise feedback which will be used by both Faculty and Parents to help the students improve.