Fee Analysis & Payment

Instalments and Deadlines

Description Percentage Applicable Deadline
First Instalment 60% of Tuition Fee due for the Academic Year Upon Enrolment
Second Instalment 40% of Tuition Fee due for the Academic Year January 30th of each Academic Year

For all inquiries concerning fee payment, refund and other financial related information, please contact us through the following means:


For general finance info:  financecuibsa@cuib-cameroon.net

Fee Engagement

Special Fee Engagement

For Parents/Sponsors who may not be able to comply with fee payments instalments as stated above:

Parents can take a Fee Engagement with the Finance Office for which they are allowed to pay 50% of Tuition fee upfront and the balance on or/before January 30th of each Academic Year. In this case, students will be allowed to enroll for the academic year. No further engagement shall be allowed within the academic year.

N/B: **It is Mandatory for All students to pay at least 60% (50% for those on engagement) of their fees upon enrolment into the institution failure which they will not have access to the campus.

Special Fee Engagement procedures

Parents applying for Special fee engagement are to follow the below procedures:

  • Fill out the fee engagement form in two copies and signed as required.
  • Submit the complete form at the Finance Office with a copy of the receipt for initial fee payment as indicated above
  • Collect an approved copy of the Special Fee Engagement Form from the Finance Office.

N/B: Special Fee engagement forms shall be approved by the Principal and Finance Office ONLY when the above required have been met.