Fee Refund

Fee Refund

Refund Policy

Refund of Fees Paid Upon Withdrawal from CUIB S & A: 

  • Refund of fees paid shall be done ONLY within ONE month from the Official start of Classes at CUIB S & A. In this case, a Student who started attending lectures shall receive 60% of the Tuition fee ONLY as refund for that year.
  • Once official classes have gone for over a month, students who have started attending classes will NOT be eligible for a fee refund.
  • After a month of official classes, there shall be an 80% fee refund for a student who did not attend classes in CUIB S & A upon withdrawal.
  • Students who are admitted after ONe and a HALF month from Official start of Classes will NOT be due refund of fees paid upon withdrawal and their fees will NOT be carried forward to the next academic year.
  • Returning students who begin classes after ONE month from Official start of classes will NOT be due refund of fees upon withdrawal and their fees will NOT be carried forward to the next academic year.
  • Students will not be issued any official documents from the school if they have outstanding fee balances.

Note these well.

Excess Fee Refund:  Students are not allowed to pay in excess fee into the school’s bank account. Excess payment of fees will be Carried Forward to the next academic year as pre-paid fees Except in cases of withdrawal.

Procedure for Refund of Fee :  Parents entitled to a Fee Refund of their child should submit an application to the Principal’s office requesting for a refund together with the following documents:

  • A copy of Parent/Sponsors Identification document (ID card, Passport, etc).
  • A bank receipt as a proof that the money was paid into the school’s bank account.
  • All refunds will be processed with Seven (07) business days.

For all inquiries concerning fee payment, refund and other financial related information, please contact us through the following means:


For general finance info:  financecuibsa@cuib-cameroon.net

Fee for One Term

Students admitted during the Second Term or Third Term or New students who just want to do a Term in CUIB S & A will be charged Half of Tuition Fee Plus All Other Fee Amount depending on the class they were admitted. The student must pay the fee irrespective of whether they will be taking the Exams.

Transfer of Fee

There shall be NO transfer of fee between one Student to the other even if they are sibling.