Parents' Children's Day

This is a period during the year when the parents come to campus to spend time with the kids during special activities. It takes place during the annual Trade Fair where the parents can spend time with the kids and see what they have learnt and are capable of doing.

Founder's Day

This is a day celebrated in the honour of the Founder of CUIB S&A in October of every year. It is a day when all the stakeholders of the institution come together to honour the initiator of this great institution.

Volunteerism Day

As part of the training of the next generation African Student STEAMpreneurs, the institution observes a day when all the stakeholders volunteer their time and energy to serve the community. It could either be a clean-up exercise or a visit to a group of underprivileged persons.

Commencement & Alumni Installation Ceremony

A Commencement Ceremony is an Academic Event which marks the transition of a Student of CUIB S&A to either the 2nd Cycle or form the 2nd Cycle to the University. It is the ceremony that marks their status as full fleshed Alumni of the institution who are Diligent, Disruptive, Independent, Daring and Excellent (DDIDEX).

Convocation Ceremony

This is the ceremony during which the prospective first year students of CUIB S&A take an oath to be worth Growth Mindset Student Entreprneurs who would be the next generation of Game Changers in Cameroon and Africa. The event is marked by a Perfection Pledge in which the students promise to work to get to their “Best Personal Potential” which cements their status as students of CUIB S&A.

Trade Fair

The Trade Fair is an Annual event during which the students leave the classroom, own stands and put what they have learned into practice in the real world. They also have a chance to present their ideas/projects to diverse groups of persons either from within or out of CUIB. It is a huge opportunity for learning for the kids as the Trade Fair boast of over 20,000 visitors.

Freshman First Dance

This is the initiation dance which takes place after the convocation oath. The First Year students have an opportunity to start their journey to their Best Personal Potential by breaking the fear that abounds when faced with newness and unknown situations. It gives them a chance to meet their new friends and family and start building up relationships which are vital in a Problem-Project Based System of Learning and Teaching.

InLoco Parentis

This is the day when Parents have a chance to meet all the Faculty in a working session during which they talk about the kids in a bid to know where they were, where they are and how to move them forward. It is vital as it enhances the continuous improvement philosophy of the institution thereby promoting the Vision to get the kids to their Best Personal Potentials.

EoC Hour

This is a period starting from 11:45 AM every working day when all work and classes stop and everyone has 15minutes to prepare for the EoC Hour. From 12 Noon, the EoC Hour is observed with the celebration of Mass for Catholics, Prayers and Meditation for non-Catholics, Muslims and other Religions.

Freshman First Day

This is the first day of the Academic Year when all Faculty Staff and Administrators of the institution line up to welcome the new students.

Catholic Identity Day

This day, the institution invokes its attachment to the Church, during which we honour the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).


This is the celebration of the Alumni of CUIB S&A returning to their alma mater which means mother in Latin. So in effect, the students return home. It is celebrated every year during the Commencement Ceremony bring and adding meaning and honour to the memories of Eaglets we nurtured and groomed.

Bridge the Gap Day

This is a day when the Students of CUIB S&A visit the underprivileged or sick to share with them as part of their endeavours to impact their community and inspire hope in others. It takes place twice a year and the students are obligated to render this service to humanity.

Diversity Week

This is a day when the different cultures that form the institution and brought out. The goal is to show that though different, we can work as one family and together achieve our dreams.

Guest Speaker Day

Every 3 Wednesday of the Month, the students have an opportunity to receive an influential STEAMpreneur (STEAM Entrepreneur), Business Person or Professional who will give them tips on how to get to their “Best Personal Potential”. It is a compulsory activity and the students submit reports after every Guest Speaker Event.