Grading & Evaluation

CUIB GM S&A has a grading system which has as its main aim, to identify and focus on the strengths the students possess and emphasize on the optimization of these qualities, while identifying but not focusing on the areas of weakness. Rather, the grading system only endeavours to help the students grow out of the weaknesses progressively.

The Grading system is not aimed at pitting the students up against each other but its essence is to bring out the best in each of them by prompting them to build a Culture of Effort by endlessly developing their diversely essential Talents and Multiple Intelligences.

CUIB GM S&A has a 70/30 evaluation system which consists of Continuous Assessment (C.A.) and End of Term Standardized Test (Examinations).

The first part which is the Continuous Assessment which takes 70% (C.A.) consists of:

  • Attendance – 05%
  • Class Participation – 05%
  • Individual Portfolio – 10%
  • Base Group Work – 10%
  • Hand Written Tests – 20%
  • Ethics & Spirituality – 10%
  • Continuous Assignments – 10%

The second part which is the End of Term Standardized (Examination) Tests consists of: 

  • Final Tests – 30%