Meet our Faculty

Our Faculty

CUIB S&A has a strong Faculty core made of young professionals who have the students at the centre of all their endeavours. This core is made of Growth Mindset young professionals who have understood the Culture of Effort. They put the students at the centre of their learning and serve just as facilitators/coaches/mentors that are there to guide the students to reach their Best Personal Potential.

Our Faculty come from a diverse educational background and have been trained properly in the CUIB STEAM Academy system of education which puts the student at the centre and considers FAIL to be “First Attempt In Learning” or “Failure Always Improves Learning”.

Agbor Joel
Sevidzem Belita
English Langauge
Njoyong Junior
Ndumbe Gilbert
Biology & Chemistry
Tuku Felicitas
Agricultural Science
Mary Aminde
ICT & French Language

Senior Leadership Team

S/N Name Responsibility
1  Rev. Fr. Pascal W. Siben Principal
2  Mr. Ayah W. Abine Vice Principal
3  Miss Mary L. Aminde Dean of Studies
4  Mr. Ndumbe Gilbert M. Dean of Students’ Life
5  Mr. Njanko J. Thadeus Finance Officer