Mission & Vision


To train student Growth Mindset Entrepreneurs with spiritual and ethical values who will eventually become owners of their own development in a rapidly changing world.


To inspire and ensure that all students reach their Best Personal Potential through deliberate practice informed by Catholic Values.


Saints and Scholars, Building a Culture of Effort.


Building a Culture of Effort.


Saints and Scholars.




The objectives of the CUIB Growth Mind-set STEAM Academy include:
Guide the students in the process of refining and sharpening their talents towards optimization.
Inculcate a Mindset of self-actualization through self-acceptance in the different areas of their multiple intelligences.
Create and fortify a new breed of teenage African STEAMpreneurs grounded in the mentality that they are co-creators through the emphasis on the STEAM method of education.
Foster a culture of Dual Recompense which conditions the students to exercise their potentials to the highest degree by owning a Personal Project alongside any other certificate. 
To foster and maximize Problem-Project Based Learning and Teaching approach within the ranks of the Students, Faculty and Staff in a bid to create a solution oriented environment and not an Accuse, Blame and Condemn environment.