Mobile & Ubiquitous Learning

In cognizance of the rapidly changing landscape and the constant daily improvement in technology, CUIB GM S&A decided to prepare global learners. The institution believes that from the very tender ages, the students should be capable of learning from any place where they find themselves with or without a direct supervisor of faculty. This component of the institutions philosophy does not only make them global learner but equally builds in them, an attitude of independent learning which is a hallmark quality of great people.

Utilearning is one of the methods of teaching & learning in CUIB GM S&A and it entails the use of ICT devices that can connect to the internet in the teaching and learning process. This option helps to ensure that the students continue learning no matter where they find themselves, whether on campus or not. The ability and willingness of the students and their parents/carers has a major role to play in the success of this endeavour and are therefore called upon to make all necessary preparations to ensure that their kid is ready for this method of teaching and learning.

The institution might organize special obligatory sessions to ensure that all stakeholders are at the same level when it comes to Utilearning. Failure by a student to engage in the process will be met by a range of actions and sanctions as it forms a major part of the institutions strategy to ensure that the students continue learning.