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MOLONGA Elizabeth

Tuku Felicitas was born and raised in Mbonge, She attended St. Francis College Fiango Kumba for her advanced level. She attended the Catholic University Institute of Buea where she has a BSc in integrated Agriculture 2019, while in school she showed some leadership and entrepreneurship skills. In her sophomore year, she won the First ever National STEM Prize award, she took up leadership roles such as the Class delegate and also Outreach personnel for CUIB Agricultural Students Association(CASA). In her junior year, she served as a mentor to CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy A&T where she taught waste recycling to the kids, she was also selected as one of four Cameroonians to represent Cameroon for Study of the United States Institute in June 2018, Youth Parliamentarian Cameroon and a South West emerging Leader 2019.

In addition to this, Tuku Felicitas has attended many professional development seminars and trainings nationally and internationally. Her most recent training is the Study of the United States Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship and south west emerging leaders on peace building and leadership. 

She has taught agricultural Science since the beginning of the School and has trained the kids on sustainable crop production practices. As vice principal, she is committed to listening, continuous learning and supporting the faculty and students to reach their fullest potential because she believes an interactive school environment is the key to creating growth mindset faculties, parents and students.

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