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Engineer Ombele Marlon A. is a Cameroonian by birth and a seasoned Civil and Environmental Engineer graduate of the prestigious Catholic University Institute of Buea. He has validated all government requirements for academic transitions from the nursery, through primary, secondary and finally higher institution or University educations as specified by the government of Cameroon. He is prudent in learning and character, excellent in oral and hand written expressions, A TV presenter, motivational speaker, an entrepreneurship coach and also a toast master in the Pan African debate community. Upon test, He has been proven above doubts to offer efficient and consistent results amidst challenging and rapidly evolving landscapes. Currently, He is the Hult Prize Campus Representative of CUIB Cameroon and also a Faculty at CUIB Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial High School, the Growth Mindset STEAM Academy (CUIB S&A) amongst other responsibilities.


In the year 2018, at age 22, Ombele Marlon was recommended and then appointed the
entrepreneurship coordinator for the Buea campus of the Prestigious Catholic University Institute of Buea.

He has also served as a research intern in the National Geotechnics Laboratory in Yaounde in the year 2017 with focus on quality assurance of construction materials.

In 2016, He worked with Modern Design Enterprises, Limbe as a research intern focused on
contextualizing structural designs and automating them for sustainable cities in Cameroon.

In 2015, he served at Haute Energy Systems, Limbe, in the year 2015 where he focused on the adaptation of renewable energy systems for rural communities and remote areas without access to grid electricity.

In terms of community engagement, Entrepreneurship and leadership, he holds an age long top class reputation in leadership at all levels from the nursery school where he was senior prefect boy through the university, where he served as president of the Student Council of the Catholic University institute of Buea for the 2017/2018 academic year.